Item Number: 1061727

Vapor X5 Pro Skates


Introducing the next evolution of the Vapor hockey skate line, The Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates. Engineered to elevate your game to new heights, these skates combine cutting-edge technology, superior comfort, and

comfort, and enhanced responsiveness for an elite on-ice experience.

Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, the Vapor X5 Pro feature a lightweight and durable construction. The 3D lasted CURV Composite quarter package provides exceptional stiffness and support, allowing for explosive speed and agility. The boot's thermoformable properties ensure a customized fit, contouring to your foot's unique shape, maximizing energy transfer, and reducing any negative space for optimal performance.

Equipped with a pro stock 48oz felt tongue, the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro skates offer enhanced forward flex and added protection, allowing you to push the limits without compromising comfort and protection. The Flex Facing design promotes a deeper forward flex, optimizing your stride and providing increased power generation with every stride. Glide effortlessly across the ice, effortlessly maneuvering through tight spaces and leaving defenders in your wake.

The Vapor X5 Pro skates feature the all-new powerfly blade holder. This is Bauer’s most innovative holder to date. Inspired by the OD1N prototype, this holder delivers lightning-fast turns and explosive acceleration. Coupled with a new steel line that improves the security of the blade and the durability of the holder.

Comfort is paramount during long hours on the ice, and the X5 Pro skates deliver unprecedented comfort. The lockfit footbed ensures maximum support and stability, reducing fatigue and increasing energy transfer. The hydrolite liner wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout the game, while the Aerofoam ankle pads provide elite cushioning and protection.

If you are an elite player looking for the pinnacle of innovation, the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates redefine what it means to dominate on the ice. Elevate your performance and leave your opponents behind with these game-changing skates.

*Bauer products are only available for sale and delivery in Hong Kong.