Item Number: 1058348

Vapor X3.7 Skate


New for 2021, Bauer is looking to offer a performance level skate that is flexible and comfortable, with the Bauer Vapor X3.7 Intermediate Hockey Skates. Featuring a Digi comp quarter construction, and an updated liner

and tongue, these skates will be great for any performance level player looking for a comfortable flexible skate.

The Bauer X3.7 Hockey Skates features a digi comp quarter construction which will help develop a good stride and technique. This easier to flex boot will be more forgiving, allowing players to maintain and keep a good stride in any game situation.

The tongue is constructed of Bauer’s two-piece 40-ounce tongue with injected metatarsal guards. This setup provides players with a highly comfortable and protective fit and feel. The tongue will also have the microfiber liner extended to it which serves to amplify the comfort level.

Moving to the interior of the Vapor X3.7 Hockey Skates, they feature an upgraded microfiber liner. This liner is specifically designed to keep players feet dry and comfortable by working to wick away moisture. Paired with this liner are the memory foam pads within the ankles of the boot. This foam delivers premium thermoformability, great comfort and durability, and an improved fit!

The lower half of the Vapor X3.7 Hockey Skates feature Bauer’s tried-and-true LightSpeed EDGE holders. These holders are three millimeters taller than older model LightSpeed holders allowing players to get lower on their turns. Paired with the LightSpeed EDGE holders are LS1 steel runners. These runners offer improved longevity on skate sharpenings thanks to the material.

With the additions of the digi comp construction, and the upgraded liner and tongue, the Bauer Vapor X3.7 Intermediate Ice Hockey Skates are a great option for any performance level players looking to get the most out of their skates.

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