Item Number: alpha203

Alpha LX2 Comp Stick


Built on 20 years of research and know-how, the Warrior Alpha LX2 Comp youth hockey stick is an excellent option for players looking for a durable and dependable stick that won't break the bank. With

its impressive features and top-of-the-line construction, this stick is an all-around performer that is built to last.

The Warrior Alpha LX2 Comp features Warrior’s exclusive Saber Taper which provides a stable, powerful, and controlled release with pinpoint accuracy that will catch goalies off guard. Combined with an ergo shaft shape, the Alpha LX2 Comp fits comfortably and securely in the players hands, enhancing puck feel and giving players the ultimate control they need on the ice.

The Alpha LX2 Comp hockey stick is designed for a long lifespan and to take a beating on the ice. It uses a revolutionary construction called R.L.C 122. Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 122 is a revolutionary lightweight construction that uses a unique construction process and materials to provide optimal balance, strength and performance.

Warrior understands the harsh nature of the game and the Alpha LX2 Comp is designed to be light and tough. The material used for the construction is Warrior’s Minimus Carbon UD material. The Minimus carbon fiber material used in the construction of the stick provides exceptional durability, ensuring it can take whatever punishment you dish out on the ice. Moving to the blade, the Alpha LX2 Comp Hockey Stick uses a FuelCore Blade. This lightweight polymer blade core enhances puck feel and makes shots pop. The blade is lightweight and strong, and texture on the blade increases the feel for the puck. FuelCore reduces breakdown of materials in the blade and increases the durability and feel.

To optimize your playing experience, the Warrior Alpha LX2 Comp features Apex Grip Texture, which provides an enhanced feel and improved stick handling. This grip technology offers a tacky feel that keeps the stick securely in your hands, eliminating unnecessary distractions and allowing you to focus on the game.

Overall, the Warrior Alpha LX2 Comp Youth hockey stick is a top option for players looking for a high-quality stick that delivers reliable performance and durability. With its powerful features, responsive feel, and impressive construction, this stick will help players stay on top of their game throughout every match.