Item Number: LXPEPJR1

Alpha LX Pro Elbow Pad


Brand new for the 2021 season are the Warrior Alpha LX Pro Junior Elbow Pads! These pro-level pads were designed to move more naturally with your arm and elbow while offering maximum protection! Warrior has

improved on their existing designs in a few key areas to make the Alpha LX Pro Elbow Pads some of the most advanced on the market!

The Alpha LX Pro Elbow Pads are once again going with their great 3-piece design which allows for natural movements and maximum dexterity of the elbow. This design will feel less bulky and more anatomical and will help to improve your performance during shooting, stickhandling, and passing, while keeping your movements feeling as natural as possible.

The premium protection in the Alpha LX Pro Elbow Pads consist of compression molded EVA IMPAX foam added in key impact zones combined with lightweight molded slash and bicep guards to provide maximum protection where it is needed the most. This setup is lightweight, ergonomic, and protective. This will give players more freedom of movement without sacrificing the elite protection. Their unique Shell Skin Texture has been added into high-impact areas, like the forearms, to help disperse the force of direct impacts such as stick checks and pucks!

Holding everything together is Warrior’s Sling Wrap strapping system. Warrior has included new lay flat straps that will be easier to use and get caught on your jersey less. This three-strap, versatile strap system with Fantom Stretch secures the elbow into an engineered elbow pocket that provides players with a comfortable fit while still protecting against the hardest of impacts.

To round everything out, the Alpha LX Pro Elbow Pads feature Warrior’s brand new WarTech FNC Stretch Sleeve! This compression-type sleeve further enhanced the fit and feel of these elbow pads by ensuring less movement and slippage, which is particularly key during shooting motions. Furthermore, the sleeve has been coated with Polygiene, keeping players dry and cool throughout the entirety of their usage.

If you are an elite-level player looking for a pair of elbow pads that excels in fit and mobility, without sacrificing protection, look no further than the Warrior Alpha LX Pro Junior Elbow Pads!