Item Number: LX30EPSR1

Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pad


Brand new for the 2021 season are the Warrior Alpha LX 30 Senior Elbow Pads! These mid-level pads were designed to move more naturally with your arm and elbow while offering good protection! Warrior

rotection! Warrior has improved on their existing designs in a few key areas to make the Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads a great elbow pad for any player!

The Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads are going with a great 3-piece design which allows for natural movements and maximum dexterity of the elbow. This design will feel less bulky and more anatomical and will help to improve your performance during shooting, stickhandling, and passing, while keeping your movements feeling as natural as possible.

The protection in the Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads consist of dual density foams built into slash and bicep guards to provide additional levels of protection where it is needed the most. This will help players have more mobility without sacrificing protection. New Lay flat straps will also help these to be easy to use and will help these to not get caught on your jersey.

To round everything out, the Alpha LX 30 Elbow Pads feature a STRIKE yellow liner. This liner will help to keep the elbow pad in place with less slippage and will help to keep players dry and clean during use.

If you are a mid-level player looking for a pair of elbow pads that excels in fit and mobility, without sacrificing protection, look no further than the Warrior Alpha LX 30 Senior Elbow Pads!