Item Number: 1058346

Vapor 3X Skate


New for 2021 Bauer Hockey is introducing the Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates! With key improvements made to nearly every part of the skates, Bauer looks to offer high end performance every time you

step onto the ice!

Starting with the build of the Vapor 3X Hockey Skates, the quarter package is built with Bauer’s 3D Digi Composite system. Rather than going with a highly stiff boot, this design allows for a very slight amount of flex within the boot, allowing it to conform to the natural shape of your foot, which helps with overall performance and comfort! This setup provides a familiar snug, close to the foot feel. Additionally, it is incredibly lightweight and durable as well, thanks to the Composite material.

Going hand in hand with the boot construction, Bauer is using a classic pro stock 30oz felt tongue. This design provides players with improved forward flex meaning more range of motion during skating strides. This tongue also excels in comfort and protection from lace bite, blocked shots, and stick checks.

Moving to the interior of the Vapor 3X Hockey Skates, they feature Bauer’s Hydrophobic comfort edge liner. This liner is specifically designed to keep players feet dry and comfortable, as well as locked into place during gameplay thanks to the form fit+ footbed. Paired with the Hydrophobic liner are the memory foam pads within the ankles of the boot. This all-new foam delivers good thermoformability, enhanced comfort and durability, and an improved fit!

The lower half of the Vapor 3X Hockey Skates feature Bauer’s tried-and-true LightSpeed II holders. Paired with the LightSpeed II holders are stainless steel runners!

If you are a performance-level player looking for a lightweight skate with great protection, look no further than the all new Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates!

*Bauer products are only available for sale and delivery in Hong Kong.