Item Number: 1050596

Vapor X300 Skate


Bauer has long had a commitment to innovation and uses scientific methods and player feedback in combination with its state-of-the-art design lab to develop the most high-performance skates in the game. The Vapor X300 is

designed with dynamic speed in mind, and each piece of its construction is strategically chosen to enhance recreational players on-ice performance. 

The Vapor X300 is constructed using Bauers injected weave quarter panel. This construction offers great flexibility to skaters that aren't looking for pro-level stiffness.
Inside the skate, the Vapor X300 has anaform foam ankle pads covered by a microfiber liner. This liner helps provide a comfortable fit and works to keep the foot secure in the skate. An anatomical 2-piece felt tongue fits nicely to the top of the foot, allowing the foot to be properly secured inside the skate.

*Bauer products are only available for sale and delivery in Hong Kong.