Item Number: 1048077

Vapor 1X Lite Glove

$1,795 $897.50

Vapor 1X gloves are as good as it gets for anyone that prefers the slimmer, more tailored and form-fitting mitts. The material in these is perfect: Bauer uses leather and mesh on the back of

the glove so that they don’t wear down. The mesh also keeps your hands from overheating, which feels awesome. As someone who previously stuck to a wider, more free-fitting glove, the Vapor 1X mitts quickly became a favorite as they are ridiculously light and have unbelievable dexterity. The cuff on these gloves has the feel of a wider glove and is completely unnoticeable on the ice because of the way it is shaped. The extended cuff contours away from the wrist, allowing for loads of wrist freedom and mobility.

*Bauer products are only available for sale and delivery in Hong Kong.