Item Number: 1050814

Supreme S190 Shin Guard

$1,070 $535

The Supreme S190 Shin guard come complete with a thermoformed, ribbed shin cap to provide elite protection with expert mobility.Inside the injected knee cap XRD materials absorb impact and provide a comfortable knee cradle. Vent

Armor with HD foam protects the side of the knee cradle, and an adjustable, MD foam calf guard features a PE insert for pro-level coverage and protection.

Making sure that these shin pads stay in place on your leg, Bauer has come up with their new two-strap system, featuring Anchor Strap technology. This ensures a customized fit and the multi-segmented construction allows mobility while being completely secured to the leg. Lining the shin guard is Bauers THERMO MAX material, which wicks moisture to keep you cool and dry all game. These shin pads are the real deal and will help any player improve their game while knowing they are fully protected.

*Bauer products are only available for sale and delivery in Hong Kong.