Item Number: DXPSGSR9BK14

Alpha DX Pro Shin Guard


Starting off with the protection aspect, the Alpha DX Pro Shin Guards feature Warrior’s premium protection. What this entails is perforated, lightweight, molded slash guards and calf guards. This setup helps protect players against

ct players against the force of direct impacts such as blocked shots and slashes!

The calf and thigh guards of the Alpha DX Pro Shin Guards feature Warrior’s new Shell Skin Texture. This material is constructed of compression-molded EVA foams that is lightweight, but still maintains that pro-level protection throughout most of the back of the calf and thigh guard!

Keeping everything secure is Warrior’s Sling Wrap. This versatile strapping system snugly, but comfortably, secures the knee into the engineered knee pocket. This provides a comfortable and responsive fit, without players having to worry about movement of the pad! The snug fit also helps enhance protection as well, by better dispersing the force of direct impacts throughout the pad.

Moving to the interior, the Alpha DX Pro Shin Guards feature what is known as Warrior’s WarTech FNC Liner. This Strike Yellow liner has been treated with Polygiene, helping keep players dry, comfortable, and odor-free throughout the duration of usage.